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1‘she manages a staff of 80 people’

be in charge of, run, be head of, head, direct, control, preside over, lead, govern, rule, command, superintend, supervise, oversee, administer, organize, conduct, handle, take forward, guide, be at the helm of
informal head up

2‘he's good at managing his money’

organize, take care of, administer, regulate, deal with efficiently


3‘how much work can you manage this week?’

accomplish, achieve, do, carry out, perform, undertake, bring about, bring off, effect, finish, succeed in, contrive, engineer

4‘will you be able to manage without him?’

cope, get along, get on, make do, be all right, do all right, fare all right, carry on, survive, deal with the situation, scrape along, scrape by, muddle along, muddle through, fend for oneself, shift for oneself, make ends meet, weather the storm
informal make out, get by, hack it

5‘she can't manage that horse’

control, handle, master, influence, manipulate
cope with, deal with