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1‘a football match’

contest, competition, game, tournament, tie, cup tie, event, fixture, trial, test, test match, meet, bout, fight, duel
quarter-final, semi-final, final, Cup Final
friendly, derby, local derby
play-off, replay, rematch
British clash
Canadian, Scottish playdown
North American split
informal, dated mill
archaic tourney

2‘he was no match for the champion’

equal, rival, equivalent, peer, counterpart
rare compeer

3‘the vase was an exact match of the one she already owned’

replica, copy, lookalike, double, twin, duplicate, equivalent, facsimile, like
mate, fellow, companion, counterpart, pair, complement
informal spitting image, spit and image, spit, dead spit, ringer, dead ringer

4‘theirs is definitely a love match’

marriage, betrothal, relationship, partnership, union, pairing, alliance, compact, contract, affiliation, combination

5‘he would be a very suitable match for any of their daughters’

prospective husband, prospective wife, prospect, candidate
informal catch


1‘the curtains matched the duvet cover’

go with, coordinate with, complement, harmonize with, blend with, tone with, team with, be the same as, be similar to, suit

2‘these socks don't match’

be a pair, be a set, be the same, go together

3‘did their statements match?’

correspond, be in agreement, tally, agree, match up, coincide, accord, conform, square, harmonize, be consonant, be compatible

4‘they matched suitable applicants with firms having vacancies’

combine, match up, link, bring together, put together, unite, marry, pair up, yoke, team, couple, pair, ally
formal conjoin

5‘no one can match him at chess’

equal, be equal to, be the equal of, be a match for, measure up to, compare with, parallel, be in the same league as, be in the same category as, be on a par with, touch, keep pace with, keep up with, emulate, rival, vie with, compete with, contend with
informal hold a candle to


    match against

    ‘Spain was matched against France’

    draw against, set against, pit against, play off against
    match up to

    ‘the film didn't match up to my expectations’

    come up to, measure up to, meet with, be equal to, be as good as, satisfy, fulfil, answer to