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1‘he's gone off to the pub with his mates’

friend, companion, boon companion, comrade, intimate, familiar, confidant, alter ego, second self
playmate, classmate, schoolmate, workmate, team-mate, flatmate, room-mate
informal pal, chum, buddy, bosom pal, sidekick, cully, spar, crony, main man
British informal china, mucker, butty, oppo
North American informal amigo, compadre, paisan, cohort, bro
US informal bunkie
South African informal gabba, homeboy
Scottish, Northern English informal marrow, marrer, marra
archaic compeer
rare fidus Achates

2‘see you later, mate’

man, my friend
informal pal, chum
British informal cock, squire, matey
British informal, dated old fellow, old bean, old boy, old chap, old fruit
Welsh, Irish informal boyo
North American informal bud, buster, amigo, Mac, bro, bubba, bo, jack, partner
Australian, New Zealand informal cobber, digger
Indian informal bhai, yaar
South African informal jong, okie

3‘she's finally found her ideal mate’

partner, husband, wife, spouse, lover, live-in lover, amour, significant other, inamorato, inamorata, companion, helpmate, helpmeet, consort
informal other half, better half, hubby, missus, missis, old man, old lady, old woman
British informal old dutch, trouble and strife

4‘I can't find the mate to this sock’

match, fellow, twin, companion, pair, one of a pair, other half, equivalent, counterpart

5‘a plumber's mate’

assistant, helper, apprentice, subordinate
collaborator, accomplice, aider and abetter
informal sidekick


1‘pandas rarely mate in captivity’

breed, couple
formal copulate

2‘the cow was mated with a Charolais bull’

couple, pair, join, bring together

3‘people tend to mate with people from their own social class’

marry, get married to
wed, pair up, form a relationship
informal shack up