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1‘he had been mauled by a lion’

savage, attack, tear to pieces, lacerate, claw, mutilate, mangle, scratch

2‘the last thing I wanted to do was have a slobbering drunk mauling me’

molest, feel, fondle
handle roughly, handle clumsily, manhandle
informal grope, paw, touch up, goose

3‘his book was mauled by the critics’

criticize, denigrate, attack, censure, condemn, find fault with, give a bad press to, pillory, lambast, flay, savage
informal knock, slam, pan, bash, pull to pieces, take to pieces, take apart, crucify, hammer, lay into, roast, skewer
British informal slate, rubbish, slag off, monster
North American informal pummel, cut up
Australian, New Zealand informal bag
rare excoriate