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1‘it needed to merge with another investment bank if it was to survive’

join, join together, join forces, amalgamate, consolidate, integrate, unite, unify, combine, incorporate, affiliate, coalesce, meld, agglutinate, team up, link, link up, band, band together, ally, league, federate

separate, split

2‘a decision was taken to merge the two organizations’

amalgamate, bring together, join, consolidate, conflate, unite, combine, incorporate, coalesce, meld, pool, link, link up, knit, yoke

3‘the two colours merged’

mingle, blend, fuse, fade into one another, melt into one another, run into one another, mix, intermix, intermingle, commingle, converge, integrate, coalesce, compound, homogenize, emulsify, lump, lump together, mass, conglomerate