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1‘she was in a very good mood that morning’

frame of mind, state of mind, emotional state, humour, temper
disposition, spirit, tenor, vein

2‘he's obviously in a mood’

bad mood, temper, bad temper, fit of bad temper, fit of ill temper, sulk, pet, the sulks, fit of pique, low spirits, depression, bout of moping, the doldrums, the blues
Northern English, Midlands English mard
informal the dumps, grump
British informal paddy
British informal, dated bate, wax

3‘the soundtrack captures the mood of the film’

atmosphere, feeling, spirit, ambience, aura, character, tenor, flavour, quality, climate, feel, tone, key


    in the mood

    ‘I'm not in the mood for sightseeing’

    in the right frame of mind for, in the right frame of mind to, feeling like, ready for, ready to, wanting to, inclined to, disposed to, minded to, interested in, keen on, keen to, eager to, enthusiastic about, willing to, game for