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lips, jaws
maw, muzzle
informal trap, chops, kisser
British informal gob, cakehole, mush, laughing gear
North American informal puss, bazoo, yap
Northern Irish informal bake

2‘the mouth of the cave’

entrance, opening, entry, way in, entryway, inlet, access, ingress
door, doorway, gateway, gate, portal, aperture, orifice, vent
way out, exit

3‘the mouth of the bottle’

opening, rim, lip

4‘the mouth of the river’

outfall, outlet, debouchment, embouchure, debouchure
estuary, firth

5‘he's not all mouth—he gets results’

boasting, bragging, empty talk, idle talk, bombast, fustian
informal hot air, gas
literary braggadocio, rodomontade

6‘you've got more mouth than anyone I've ever known’

impudence, cheek, cheekiness, insolence, impertinence, effrontery, audacity, audaciousness, boldness, presumption, presumptuousness, sauciness, incivility, rudeness, disrespect
informal lip, nerve, neck, brass neck
British informal sauce, backchat
North American informal sass, sassiness, back talk, smart mouth
archaic malapertness


1‘he mouthed platitudes in soothing tones’

utter, speak, say
pronounce, enunciate, articulate, voice, express, vocalize, verbalize
say insincerely, say for form's sake


    mouth off

    ‘he was mouthing off about school, teachers, and society in general’

    rant, spout, declaim, rave, jabber, sound off
    down in the mouth

    unhappy, dejected, sad, miserable, down, downhearted, downcast, depressed, blue, melancholy, gloomy, glum, dispirited, discouraged, disheartened, despondent, disconsolate, with a long face, forlorn, crestfallen, woebegone, subdued, fed up, out of sorts, low, in low spirits, in the doldrums, heavy-hearted
    informal down in the dumps
    British informal brassed off, cheesed off, browned off, peed off
    North American informal teed off, ticked off
    vulgar slang pissed off
    keep one's mouth shut

    say nothing, keep quiet, not breathe a word, not tell a soul, not give the game away, keep it under one's hat
    informal keep mum, keep one's cards close to one's chest, play one's cards close to one's chest, not let the cat out of the bag