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1‘the beauty of nature’

the natural world, the living world, Mother Nature, creation, the world, the environment, the earth, Mother Earth, the universe, the cosmos, natural forces
wildlife, flora and fauna, countryside, landscape, scenery

2‘such crimes are, by their very nature, difficult to hide’

essence, basic characteristics, essential characteristics, inherent characteristics, basic qualities, essential qualities, inherent qualities, basic attributes, essential attributes, inherent attributes, basic features, essential features, inherent features, sum and substance, character, identity, complexion

3‘it was not in Daisy's nature to be bitchy’

character, personality, disposition, temperament, temper, humour, make-up, cast of mind, turn of mind, persona, psyche, constitution, fibre

4‘experiments of a similar nature’

kind, sort, type, variety, description, category, ilk, class, classification, species, genre, style, cast, order, kidney, mould, stamp, grain
North American stripe