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1‘the government refused to negotiate’

discuss terms, hold talks, discuss a settlement, talk, consult together, try to reach a compromise, parley, confer, debate
mediate, intercede, arbitrate, moderate, conciliate, act as honest broker
bargain, haggle, wheel and deal, dicker
formal treat with someone
archaic chaffer, palter

2‘Peter decided to remain with the company after negotiating a new contract’

arrange, work out, thrash out, hammer out, reach an agreement on, agree on, come to terms about, reach terms on, broker
settle, clinch, conclude, contract, pull off, bring off, bring about, transact
informal sort out, swing

3‘he came down, managing with difficulty to negotiate the obstacles on the stairs’

get over, get past, get round, make one's way over, make one's way past, make one's way round, make it over, make it past, make it round, clear, cross, pass over
surmount, overcome, deal with, cope with