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1‘it does niggle me that we cannot play whenever and wherever we like’

irritate, annoy, worry, trouble, bother, provoke, exasperate, upset, gall, irk, rankle with
informal rile, hack off, get, get to, bug
British informal get up someone's nose

2‘he niggles on about the unemployed’

complain, object, moan, fuss, nag, carp, cavil, find fault, grumble, grouse
Northern English mither, twine
informal nitpick


1‘there were niggles about the lack of trim and equipment on some diesel cars’

minor criticism, quibble, trivial objection, trivial complaint, adverse comment, moan, grumble, grouse, cavil
Northern English twine
informal gripe, beef, grouch, nitpicking
archaic pettifogging