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1‘he was convicted for nobbling the jury’

bribe, corrupt, suborn, buy, buy off, pay off, get at, induce, lure, entice, grease someone's palm, oil someone's hand, oil someone's palm
influence, persuade, win over, secure someone's support, sway, swing, affect, control, manipulate

2‘a stable lad was persuaded to nobble the horse’

drug, dope
tamper with, interfere with, disable, incapacitate, weaken

3‘what's to stop him nobbling Rose's money?’

steal, thieve, rob, embezzle

4‘they would nobble him and throw him on the train’

abduct, seize, capture, kidnap, catch, apprehend, arrest, take into custody, take in, bring in
informal snatch, nab, nail, cop, run in, pull in, pick up, collar
British informal pinch, nick