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1‘there's nothing I can do about it’

not a thing, not a single thing, not anything, nothing at all, nil, zero
Northern English nowt
informal zilch, nix, not a dicky bird
British informal damn all, not a sausage, sweet Fanny Adams, sweet FA
North American informal zip, nada, a goose egg, bupkis
British vulgar slang bugger all, sod all, fuck all
archaic nought, naught


2‘please forget it, it's nothing’

a matter of no consequence, a matter of no importance, a trifling matter, a trifle, a piece of trivia, a bagatelle, a mere bagatelle
neither here nor there
informal no big deal

3‘he seemed to treat her as nothing’

a person of no importance, an unimportant person, a person of no account, a nobody, a nonentity, a cipher, a non-person
a lightweight
British small beer


4‘the value of the shares is unlikely to fall to nothing’

zero, nought, 0
Tennis love
Cricket a duck


    for nothing

    1‘the former TV presenter agreed to host the show for nothing, but then demanded £1,000’

    free, gratis, without charge, without payment, free of charge, at no cost
    informal for free, on the house

    2‘I've taken all this trouble for nothing’

    in vain, to no avail, to no purpose, with no result, needlessly, pointlessly, futilely
    archaic bootlessly
    nothing but

    ‘he was nothing but a nuisance to her’

    merely, only, just, solely, simply, purely, no more than
    be nothing to do with

    1‘it has nothing to do with your inquiries’

    be unconnected with, be unrelated to
    be irrelevant to, be extraneous to, be inapplicable to, be inapposite to, be extrinsic to
    rare be malapropos of

    2‘he's a hard, ruthless man and I'll have nothing to do with him’

    avoid, have no dealings with, have no truck with, avoid dealing with, have no contact with, steer clear of, give a wide berth to