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1‘the book was banned on the grounds of obscenity’

indecency, immorality, impropriety, salaciousness, smuttiness, smut, lewdness, rudeness, vulgarity, dirtiness, dirt, filthiness, filth, foulness, coarseness, crudeness, grossness, vileness, nastiness, impurity, immodesty, indelicacy, indecorousness, unwholesomeness, scabrousness, ribaldry, bawdiness, suggestiveness, eroticism, carnality, lasciviousness, lechery, licentiousness, libidinousness, degeneracy, depravity, amorality, debauchery, dissoluteness, prurience
scatology, profanity, profaneness
rare bawdry, salacity, lubricity

2‘he was an army officer so he knows about the obscenity of war’

atrocity, act of brutality, act of savagery, evil, crime, outrage, offence, abomination, enormity

3‘the men scowled and muttered obscenities’

curse, oath, swear word, expletive, profanity, four-letter word, dirty word, blasphemy, imprecation, malediction, vulgarism, vulgarity
swearing, bad language, foul language, strong language
informal cuss, cuss word