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1‘his father's name and occupation are unknown’

job, day job, profession, work, line of work, line of business, trade, employment, position, post, situation, business, career, métier, vocation, calling, craft, skill, field, province, walk of life
Scottish way
informal racket, game
Australian informal grip
archaic employ

2‘among her leisure occupations is birdwatching’

pastime, activity, leisure activity, hobby, pursuit, interest, entertainment, recreation, diversion, amusement, divertissement
archaic resource

3‘a property suitable for occupation by older people’

residence, residency, habitation, inhabitation, occupancy, tenancy, tenure, lease, living in
possession, use
incumbency, holding
formal dwelling
rare inhabitancy, habitancy, inhabitance, domiciliation

4‘the Roman occupation of Britain’

conquest, capture, invasion, seizure, takeover, annexation, overrunning, subjugation, subjection, appropriation
colonization, possession, rule, control, suzerainty