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1‘she did not share her husband's opinion’

belief, judgement, thought, thoughts, school of thought, thinking, way of thinking, mind, point of view, view, viewpoint, outlook, angle, slant, side, attitude, stance, perspective, position, standpoint
theory, tenet, conclusion, verdict, estimation, thesis, hypothesis, feeling, sentiment, impression, reflections, idea, notion, assumption, speculation, conception, conviction, contention, persuasion, creed, dogma


    in my opinion

    ‘we have very little choice, in my opinion’

    as I see it, in my view, to my mind, to my way of thinking, according to my way of thinking, from my standpoint, personally, in my estimation, in my judgement, in my book, for my money, if you ask me
    be of the opinion

    ‘I'm of the opinion that this is not necessary’

    believe, think, consider, maintain, imagine, be of the view, reckon, guess, estimate, conjecture, fancy, suspect, feel, have a feeling, have the feeling, assume, presume, take it, suppose, expect, gather
    contend, put forward, be convinced, be of the conviction, reason, deduce, conclude, theorize, hypothesize, take as a hypothesis
    North American informal allow
    formal opine
    archaic ween
    a matter of opinion

    ‘whether this is desirable or not is a matter of opinion’

    open to question, a debatable point, debatable, open to debate, a moot point, open for discussion, open to discussion, up to the individual