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1‘the Russians had participated in the dismemberment of Poland and oppressed its people’

persecute, abuse, maltreat, ill-treat, treat harshly, be brutal to, be cruel to, tyrannize, crush, repress, suppress, subjugate, hegemonize, subdue, subject, enslave
scourge, exploit, hold down, keep down, grind down, rule with a rod of iron, rule with an iron hand, trample on, trample underfoot, bring someone to their knees, ride roughshod over
informal walk all over

2‘the gloom in the chapel oppressed her’

depress, make despondent, make gloomy, weigh down, lie heavy on, weigh heavily on, cast down, dampen someone's spirits, hang over, prey on, burden, crush, dispirit, dishearten, discourage, sadden, make desolate, get down, bring down, trouble, afflict
archaic deject