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1‘the list is in alphabetical order’

sequence, arrangement, organization, disposition, structure, system, series, succession
grouping, classification, categorization, codification, systematization, disposal, form
layout, array, set-up, line-up

2‘I tried to restore the room to some semblance of order’

tidiness, neatness, orderliness, trimness, harmony, apple-pie order

chaos, disarray, untidiness

3‘6,000 police were needed to keep order’

peace, control, lawful behaviour, law and order, law, lawfulness, discipline, calm, quiet, peace and quiet, quietness, peacefulness, peaceableness, tranquillity, serenity


4‘the idea appealed to his sense of order’

orderliness, organization, method, system
symmetry, pattern, uniformity, regularity, routine

5‘all the equipment was in good order’

condition, state, repair, shape, situation

6‘I had no choice but to obey his orders’

command, instruction, directive, direction, decree, edict, injunction, mandate, dictate, commandment
law, rule, regulation, ordinance, statute, fiat, diktat
demand, bidding, requirement, stipulation
summons, writ, warrant
informal say-so
literary behest
rare rescript

7‘winning the order would mean about £60 million worth of work for the company’

commission, purchase order, request, requisition, demand, call
booking, reservation, application

8‘the upper and lower orders of society’

class, level, rank, caste, grade, degree, position, station, category

9‘the established social order’

system, class system, hierarchy, pecking order, grouping, grading, ranking, scale

10‘the higher orders of insects’

taxonomic group, class, subclass, family, species, breed
technical taxon

11‘the head of a religious order’

community, brotherhood, sisterhood

12‘the Independent Orange Order’

organization, association, society, fellowship, body, fraternity, confraternity, sorority, brotherhood, sisterhood, lodge, guild, league, union, club
denomination, sect
rare sodality

13‘diplomatic skills of a very high order’

type, kind, sort, nature, variety, ilk, genre, cast, style, brand, vintage
quality, calibre, standard


1‘he ordered me to return at once’

instruct, command, direct, enjoin, give the order to, give the command to, tell, require, charge, adjure
literary bid

2‘Judge Butler ordered that assets worth £23,000 be confiscated under the Drugs Trafficking Act’

decree, ordain, rule, legislate, lay down, dictate, prescribe, pronounce, determine
rare enact

3‘you can order your tickets by phone’

request, apply for, send away for, send off for, write off for, put in an order for, place an order for, requisition
book, reserve
commission, contract for
rare bespeak

4‘Derek struggled to order his thoughts’

organize, put in order, set in order, arrange, sort out, straighten out, marshal, dispose, lay out, regulate
group, classify, categorize, catalogue, codify, systematize, systemize, tabulate
Medicine triage
rare methodize


    out of order

    1‘the lift's out of order’

    not working, not in working order, not functioning, broken, broken-down, out of service, out of commission, acting up, unserviceable, faulty, defective, non-functional, inoperative, in disrepair
    informal conked out, bust, kaput, gone kaput, gone phut, on the blink, gone haywire, shot
    British informal knackered, jiggered, wonky
    North American informal on the fritz, out of whack
    British vulgar slang buggered

    2‘he wanted to sack her on the spot—that's really out of order’

    unacceptable, unfair, unjust, unjustified, uncalled for, below the belt, out of turn, not done, unreasonable, unwarranted, unnecessary, wrong, beyond the pale, improper, irregular
    informal not on, a bit much
    British informal a bit thick, off, not cricket
    Australian, New Zealand informal over the fence
    the order of the day

    ‘spectacle is the order of the day for many younger artists’

    predominant, prevalent, current, customary, established, common, widespread, preponderant, in force, in effect, popular
    informal the in thing
    of the order of

    ‘the reduction was of the order of 11 percent’

    roughly, approximately, about, around, just about, round about, or so, or thereabouts, more or less, in the neighbourhood of, in the region of, in the area of, in the vicinity of, something like, or thereabouts, give or take, give or take a few, in round numbers, rounded down, rounded up
    near to, close to, nearly, not far off, almost, approaching
    British getting on for
    informal pushing, as near as dammit
    North American informal in the ballpark of
    archaic nigh


    order someone around

    tell someone what to do, give orders to, boss about, boss around, bully, lord it over, dictate to, ride roughshod over, dominate, domineer, browbeat
    throw one's weight about, throw one's weight around, lay down the law
    informal push about, push around
    in order

    1‘list the points you intend to cover and put them in order’

    in sequence, in alphabetical order, in numerical order, in order of priority, in order of merit, in order of seniority

    2‘when he switched on the light and went in, he found everything in order’

    tidy, neat, neat and tidy, orderly, straight, trim, shipshape, shipshape and Bristol fashion, in apple-pie order, spick and span
    in position, in place

    3‘I think it's in order for me to take the credit, don't you?’

    appropriate, fitting, suitable, right, correct, proper
    acceptable, all right, permissible, permitted, allowable
    comme il faut
    informal okay