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1‘he could see the rectangular outline of the building’

silhouette, profile, figure, shape, contour, form, line, lineaments, delineation
configuration, perimeter, circumference, tracing, layout, framework, skeleton, diagram, sketch, artist's impression

2‘the statement gives an outline of public expenditure for each department’

rough idea, thumbnail sketch, rundown, quick rundown, abbreviated version, summary, synopsis, résumé, precis, abridgement, abstract, reduction, digest
epitome, essence, storyline, storyboard, main points, gist, bones, bare bones, skeleton, draft, plan, sketch, scheme


1‘she could see the budgie outlined against the sky’

silhouette, define, demarcate, delimit, mark off
sketch, delineate, trace, pencil

2‘students can apply some of the techniques outlined in this chapter’

rough out, sketch out, block out, indicate, touch on, draft, give a thumbnail sketch of, give a rough idea of, give a quick rundown on, summarize, precis