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1‘he rejected the proposal outright’

completely, entirely, wholly, fully, totally, categorically, absolutely, altogether, utterly, flatly, in every respect, unreservedly, without reservation, without exception, thoroughly, quite
informal totes

in part, partially

2‘I can't bring myself to tell her outright’

explicitly, straightforwardly, directly, forthrightly, openly, frankly, candidly, honestly, truly, sincerely, bluntly, plainly, in plain language, unreservedly, without constraint, truthfully, without dissembling, to someone's face, straight from the shoulder, without beating about the bush, with no holds barred, man to man, woman to woman
informal on the level
British informal straight up

3‘the passengers were killed outright’

instantly, instantaneously, immediately, at once, straight away, there and then, then and there, on the spot

4‘houses could be paid off gradually, but paintings had to be bought outright’

all at once, at one fell swoop, in one fell swoop, in one go


1‘it was an outright lie’

out-and-out, absolute, complete, utter, downright, sheer, stark, thorough, thoroughgoing, categorical, unequivocal, undeniable, unqualified, unmodified, unrestricted, unmitigated, unconditional, positive, simple, wholesale, all-out, rank, consummate, pure
archaic arrant

2‘the outright winner’

definite, unequivocal, clear, unqualified, incontestable, undeniable, unmistakable, categorical, straightforward