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1‘it's all too easy to overindulge at Christmas’

drink too much, eat too much, overeat, drink like a fish, overdrink, be greedy, be immoderate, be intemperate, overindulge oneself, overdo it, not know when to stop, drink to excess, eat to excess, go to excess, gorge, gorge oneself, surfeit, guzzle, feast
informal binge, binge-eat, go on a binge, stuff one's face, stuff oneself, pack it away, put it away, paint the town red, push the boat out, go overboard, live it up, make a pig of oneself, pig oneself
North American informal scarf out
archaic tope
rare gourmandize, gluttonize

2‘his mother had overindulged him’

spoil, give in to, indulge, humour, pander to, cosset, pamper, mollycoddle, baby, spoon-feed
British feather-bed
informal spoil rotten