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1‘this must have been a shock, and you're overwrought’

tense, agitated, nervous, on edge, edgy, keyed up, worked up, highly strung, neurotic, overexcited, beside oneself, distracted, distraught, under a strain, frantic, frenzied, hysterical, panicky, restless, jittery, fidgety, jumpy
British nervy
informal in a state, in a tizzy, uptight, twitchy, wound up, wired, het up
British informal throwing a wobbly, strung up, stressy, swivel-eyed

calm, cool, laid-back

2‘the painting is technically brilliant but overwrought’

excessively ornate, over-ornate, over-elaborate, over-embellished, overblown, overripe, exaggerated, overdone, florid, busy, fussy, contrived, overworked, strained, laboured, baroque, rococo

plain, understated