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1‘a pack of cigarettes’

packet, container, package, box, crate, carton, parcel

2‘he could climb two or three peaks a day carrying a 50-pound pack’

backpack, rucksack, knapsack, kitbag, duffel bag, bag, satchel, load, luggage

3‘a pack of wolves’

group, herd, troop

4‘a pack of youngsters who spent all their time together’

crowd, mob, group, band, troupe, party, set, club, clique, coterie, gang, rabble, horde, throng, huddle, multitude, mass, assembly, gathering, collection, host, contingent
informal crew, bunch


1‘she helped pack the hamper’

fill, fill up, put things in, load, stuff, cram

2‘it took only a few minutes to pack their belongings’

stow, put away, store, box up, crate
put in a case, put in a trunk

3‘the glasses were packed tightly in straw’

wrap, wrap up, package, parcel, tie, tie up, swathe, swaddle, encase, enfold, envelop, cloak, bale, bundle, cover, cover up, protect

4‘Christmas shoppers packed the store’

throng, crowd, crowd into, fill, fill to overflowing, cram full, mob, cram, jam, press into, squash into, squeeze into

5‘wet the cloth and pack it against the wall’

compress, press, squash, squeeze, jam, tamp, ram, thrust, force, wedge, crush, flatten


    pack someone off

    ‘the best thing is to pack the kiddies off to Grandma’

    send off, dispatch, dismiss, bundle off
    send packing
    pack something up

    ‘in the morning, she packed up her belongings’

    put away, tidy away, tidy up, clear away, clear up, store, stow
    pack up

    1‘something electrical is bound to pack up over Christmas’

    break down, stop working, cease to function, cease to work, fail, give out, stall, come to a halt, develop a fault, malfunction, go wrong, break, act up, be defective, be faulty, crash
    conk out, go kaput, go phut
    British play up

    2‘there's no point worrying—if you do, it's time to pack up’

    stop, call it a day, break off, quit, desist, not continue, halt, finish, cease
    leave off, knock off, jack it in, pack it in
    pack something in

    1‘one of the models has packed in her day job’

    resign from, leave, give up, drop, abandon, renounce, relinquish
    informal quit, chuck, jack in

    2‘he might have to pack in smoking’

    give up, abstain from, drop, desist from, refrain from, steer clear of, give a wide berth to, reject, eschew, forswear, avoid, discontinue
    informal quit, leave off, kick
    archaic forsake