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1‘there was a pause in the conversation’

stop, cessation, break, halt, stoppage, standstill, interruption, check, lull, respite, stay, breathing space, discontinuation, discontinuance, hiatus, gap, lapse, lapse of time, interlude, intermission, interval, entr'acte
adjournment, suspension, moratorium, interregnum
rest, time out, stopover, delay, hold-up, wait
hesitation, beat, caesura
informal let-up, breather


1‘Hannah paused for a moment before answering’

stop, cease, halt, discontinue, break off, take a break, take a breath
adjourn, desist, rest, hold back, wait, delay, hesitate, hang back, pull up, mark time, falter, waver
informal let up, take a breather

continue, proceed