Synonyms of pay-off in English:


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1‘the lure of enormous pay-offs in hard currency could prove irresistible’

payment, payout, reward, recompense, consideration
bribe, inducement, enticement, incentive
North American payola
informal kickback, sweetener, carrot, backhander, hush money, slush fund, cut, graft
British informal bung, dropsy
North American informal plugola, schmear
Australian informal sling
rare douceur, drop

2‘sales are forecast to produce a pay-off of £160,000’

return, return on investment, yield, payback, reward, profit, gain, income, revenue, interest, dividend, percentage

3‘the murderer is finally unmasked in a dramatic pay-off’

outcome, denouement, culmination, conclusion, development, result, consequence, out-turn, end result, upshot, aftermath
archaic success