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1‘the problems arise from a legal peculiarity’

oddity, anomaly, abnormality, twist, quirk, eccentricity, trick
outlier, edge case

2‘it was a strange physical peculiarity of his’

idiosyncrasy, mannerism, quirk, foible, caprice, whimsy
rare singularity

3‘a peculiarity of Phaistos is its two sets of royal apartments’

characteristic, feature, quality, essential quality, nature, property, trait, particularity, aspect, attribute, mark, badge, stamp, hallmark, trademark, distinction, point

4‘he points out the peculiarity of this notion’

strangeness, peculiarness, oddness, bizarreness, weirdness, queerness, abnormality, unexpectedness, unfamiliarity, atypicality, anomalousness, curiosity, mystery, incongruity, uncommonness, irregularity, deviancy, aberrance, aberrancy, freakishness, suspiciousness, dubiousness, questionableness
eeriness, unnaturalness
informal fishiness, creepiness, spookiness
rare dubiety, singularity

5‘I see you have noticed a certain peculiarity about my appearance’

outlandishness, bizarreness, unconventionality, idiosyncrasy, weirdness, oddness, eccentricity, unusualness, abnormality, queerness, peculiarness, strangeness
grotesqueness, freakishness, quirkiness, quaintness, drollness, zaniness
informal wackiness, freakiness, kookiness, kinkiness, crankiness
North American informal screwiness