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1‘peel and core the fruit’

pare, skin, take the rind off, take the skin off, strip, shave, trim, flay
hull, shell, husk, shuck
technical decorticate

2‘with a small knife, peel the skin from the ginger’

trim, trim off, peel off, pare, strip, strip off, shave, shave off, remove, take off

3‘the paper on the ceiling had started to peel’

flake, flake off, peel off, come off in layers, come off in strips
technical exfoliate, desquamate


1‘orange peel’

rind, skin, covering, zest
hull, pod, crust, shuck, capsule, outer layer
technical epicarp, pericarp, exocarp
rare integument


    peel something off

    ‘he peeled off his wet clothes’

    take off, strip off, cast off, remove, discard, throw off
    dated doff, divest oneself of
    keep one's eyes peeled

    ‘keep your eyes peeled for bandits’

    keep a lookout, keep a sharp lookout, be on the lookout, look out, keep one's eyes open, keep an eye open, keep an eye out, observe, watch, watch closely, keep watch, be watchful, be on the watch, be alert, be on the alert, be on the qui vive, be on guard
    beware, mind out, be vigilant, be wary, be careful, pay attention, take heed
    British keep one's eyes skinned
    informal keep one's peepers peeled