Synonyms of pending in English:


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1‘dismissal of all other litigation pending between them’

unresolved, undecided, unsettled, unconcluded, uncertain, awaiting decision, awaiting action, undetermined, open, still open, hanging fire, in the air, up in the air, in limbo, in the balance, on ice, in reserve, in abeyance, ongoing, awaiting attention, outstanding, to be done, undone, not done, unattended to, unfinished, incomplete, left, remaining
informal on the back burner

2‘her rumoured pending marriage’

imminent, impending, about to be, about to happen, forthcoming, upcoming, on the way, coming, approaching, looming, gathering, prospective, near, nearing, close, close at hand, in the offing, in the wind, to come, -to-be, anticipated, expected


1‘the two boys were released on bail pending another hearing next week’

awaiting, waiting for, until, till, before, until there are, until there is