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1‘no company would permit an unqualified accountant to audit its books’

allow, let, authorize, give someone authorization, give someone leave, give someone permission, sanction, grant, grant someone the right, license, empower, enable, entitle, qualify
consent to, assent to, give one's assent to, give one's consent to, give one's blessing to, give someone the nod, give something the nod, acquiesce in, agree to, accede to, approve of, tolerate, countenance, suffer, brook, admit of
legalize, legitimatize, legitimate
informal give the go-ahead to, give the thumbs up to, OK, give the OK to, give the green light to, say the word

ban, forbid, prohibit


1‘I need to see your permit’

authorization, licence, pass, voucher, ticket, warrant, document, certification
passport, visa
rare triptyque, carnet, laissez-passer, firman