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1‘Corbett persisted with his questioning’

persevere, continue, carry on, go on, keep at it, keep on, keep going, keep it up, not give up, be persistent, be determined, follow something through, see something through, show determination, press ahead, press on, plod on, plough on, stay with something, not take no for an answer
be tenacious, be pertinacious, insist, be patient, be diligent, stand one's ground, stand fast, stand firm, hold on, hold out, go the distance, stay the course, grind away, struggle on, hammer away, stop at nothing, leave no stone unturned
informal plug away, peg away, stick at it, soldier on, hang on, stick to one's guns, stick it out, hang in there, bash on

abandon, stop

2‘if dry weather persists, water the lawn thoroughly’

continue, hold, carry on, last, keep on, keep up, remain, linger, stay, endure, survive