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1‘he lives on a fruit farm and helps to pick apples’

harvest, gather, gather in, collect, take in, pluck, pull, dig, crop, reap, bring home
literary glean, garner, cull

2‘pick the time that suits you best’

choose, select, pick out, single out, include, hand-pick, decide on, settle on, fix on
sift out, sort out, take, prefer, favour, opt for, plump for, vote for, elect, name, nominate, adopt, designate, assign, appoint, allot, identify, specify, mention, cite

reject, discard

3‘Beth only picked at her food’

nibble, peck, eat listlessly, toy with, play with, take very small bites from, push one's food around one's plate, push one's food around on one's plate, eat like a bird, show no appetite for, eat sparingly of

4‘people were singing and picking guitars’

strum, twang, thrum, pluck, finger

5‘he had taught them how to pick a lock’

force open, break open, prise open, open without a key, break into
informal jemmy, crack

6‘she was trying to pick a fight with him’

provoke, start, cause, incite, invite, foment, stir up, whip up, encourage, kindle, instigate, excite, prompt, bring about


1‘please take your pick’

choice, selection, option, decision
preference, favourite

2‘the pick of the crop’

best, finest, top, choice, choicest, prime, cream, flower, prize, treasure, pearl, gem, jewel, the jewel in the crown, the crème de la crème, elite, elect
informal the tops


    pick something up

    1‘not the most obvious place to pick up a bargain’

    find, discover, locate, come across, stumble across, happen on, chance on, unearth, obtain, come by, come to have, get, receive, procure
    secure, get possession of, take possession of, acquire
    purchase, buy
    informal get hold of, get one's hands on, lay one's hands on, get one's mitts on, bag, land, net

    2‘he picked up the story in the 1950s’

    begin again, begin, take up, start again, start, resume, recommence, carry on, go on, continue

    3‘Georgiana began picking up Spanish’

    learn, get to know, acquire, acquire a knowledge of, acquire skill in, become competent in, become proficient in, master
    digest, imbibe, assimilate, absorb, take in
    informal get the hang of

    4‘she has picked up a virus’

    catch, contract, get, become infected with, become ill with, come down with, go down with

    5‘he was full of gossip picked up from the ships he visited’

    hear, hear tell, find out, get to know, get wind of, be informed of, be told, learn, be made aware of, be given to understand
    glean, discern, become aware of, become conscious of, observe, notice, perceive

    6‘we've picked up a distress signal’

    receive, detect, get, hear
    pick someone up

    1‘be sure to pick up Kirsty from school’

    fetch, collect, go to get, come and get, go and get, call for, come for, go for
    give someone a lift, give someone a ride

    2‘he was picked up by the police for questioning’

    arrest, apprehend, detain, take into custody, take prisoner, seize, capture, catch, take in
    informal collar, nab, pull in, run in, bust, nail, do, feel someone's collar
    British informal pinch, nick

    3‘one night I picked up a stranger in a bar’

    take up with, strike up a casual acquaintance with, strike up a casual relationship with, make advances to
    informal get off with, pull, cop off with
    pick something out

    1‘it's impossible to pick out any single painting for praise’

    choose, select, pick, single out, hand-pick, decide on, settle on, fix on
    sift out, sort out, take, prefer, favour, opt for, plump for, vote for, elect, name, nominate, adopt, designate, assign, appoint, allot, identify, specify, mention, cite

    2‘it was difficult to pick out anything in the torrential rain’

    see, discern, spot, distinguish, perceive, make out, detect, notice, observe, recognize, identify, catch sight of, glimpse, discover
    literary espy, behold, descry
    pick up the tab

    ‘the company picked up the tab for the meal’

    pay, pay up, pay out, pay the bill, settle up
    bail someone out
    informal foot the bill, cough up, fork out, shell out, come across, chip in
    British informal stump up
    North American informal ante up, pony up, pick up the check
    pick on

    ‘why don't you pick on somebody else?’

    bully, victimize, tyrannize, torment, persecute
    criticize, grumble at, discriminate against
    badger, bait, goad, tease
    informal get at, have it in for, have a down on, be down on, needle
    pick up

    1‘the Japanese economy will soon pick up again’

    improve, get better, recover, mend, be on the road to recovery, rally, make a comeback, bounce back, perk up, look up, take a turn for the better, turn a corner, turn the corner, be given on a new lease of life, be take on a new lease of life, be on the mend, develop, make headway, progress, make progress, advance

    2‘the wind began to pick up’

    get stronger, strengthen, become more powerful, blow up
    pick someone or something up

    ‘bend at the knees to pick up a bulky object’

    lift, take up, raise, hoist, scoop up, gather up, seize, snatch up, grab
    pick someone or something off

    ‘the soldiers were picked off by a sniper’

    shoot, shoot down, gun down, fire at, hit, put a bullet in
    fell, bring down, take out, kill, bag, wound, injure
    informal pot, zap, plug
    literary slay