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1‘one of his pictures stood on an easel in the centre of the room’

painting, drawing, sketch, print, canvas, delineation, cartoon, portrait, portrayal, illustration, artist's impression, artwork, depiction, likeness, representation, image, icon

2‘I would not let the photographer take the picture’

photograph, photo, shot, snap, snapshot, image, portrait, study
print, slide, transparency, negative, positive, plate, film, bromide, frame, exposure, still, proof, enlargement
British enprint

3‘they have a picture of the sort of person the child should be’

concept, idea, impression, mental picture, view, image, mental image, vision, visualization, notion, theory, abstraction

4‘the picture of health’

personification, embodiment, epitome, essence, perfect example, soul, model
rare exemplar, archetype, quintessence

5‘a picture starring Robert De Niro’

film, movie, feature film
British cinema film
North American motion picture
informal flick
dated moving picture

6the pictures‘Julie took me to the pictures on Saturday’

the movies, the silver screen, the big screen
British the cinema
North American a motion picture house
informal the flicks


1‘this child was pictured at a feeding centre’

photograph, get a photo of, get a photograph of, take a photo of, take a photograph of, take someone's photo, take someone's picture, get a picture of, take a picture of, get a snap of, get a snapshot of, take a snap of, take a snapshot of, take, snap, shoot, get a shot of, take a shot of
record, film, capture on celluloid, capture on film, record on celluloid, record on film

2‘in the drawing they were pictured against a snowy background’

paint, draw, paint a picture of, sketch, depict, delineate, portray, catch, catch a likeness of, show, illustrate, reproduce, render, represent

3‘Anne still pictured Richard as he had been’

visualize, see in one's mind, see in one's mind's eye, conjure up a picture of, conjure up an image of, imagine, conceive, call to mind, image, see, evoke
fantasize about, dream about
rare envision


    get the picture

    ‘she got the picture and rubbed her hands in anticipation’

    understand the situation, work out what's going on, see the light, see daylight, get the point
    fathom, grasp, understand, follow, see, take in, realize, perceive, apprehend
    informal see what's what, understand what's what, catch on, latch on, get the drift, get the message, get it
    put someone in the picture

    ‘the museums all help to put the visitor in the picture’

    inform, fill in, give details to, explain the situation to, give information to, explain the circumstances to, describe the state of affairs to, bring up to date, update, brief, keep posted
    informal clue in, bring up to speed