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1‘be careful not to pierce the skin’

make a hole in, penetrate, puncture, punch, perforate, riddle, stab, prick, probe, gore, spike, stick, impale, transfix, bore, bore through, drill, drill through, lance, tap

2‘her father's anguish had pierced her to the quick’

hurt, wound, pain, grieve, sadden, distress, make miserable, make wretched, upset, trouble, harrow, cause anguish to, afflict, perturb, disturb
cut to the quick
affect, move, sting, mortify, sear, torment, torture, gnaw at, vex, gall

3‘shafts of bright sunlight pierced the smoke’

penetrate, pass through, burst through, percolate, pervade, permeate, filter through, light up