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1‘she decided to keep pigs’

hog, boar, sow, porker, swine, piglet
child language piggy
rare baconer, cutter, grunter

2‘he's eaten the lot, the pig’

glutton, guzzler, gobbler, gorger, gourmand, gourmandizer, binge eater
informal greedy pig, hog, guts
British informal gannet, greedy guts
Northern Irish informal gorb

3‘what an absolute pig he was this evening’

brute, monster, devil
scoundrel, rogue, wretch
informal beast, louse, rat, son of a bitch, SOB, low life
British informal toerag, scrote, blighter
derogatory bastard, dog, dirty dog
derogatory, informal swine
informal, dated heel, stinker
British informal, dated bounder, rotter, cad
vulgar slang shit
British vulgar slang sod, bugger


1‘I was pigging myself on lamb on the spit and other Greek food’

overeat, eat too much, be greedy, eat like a horse, gorge, gorge oneself, overindulge, overindulge oneself, surfeit, guzzle, feast
informal binge, binge-eat, stuff one's face, stuff oneself, pack it away, put it away, make a pig of oneself, pig out
North American informal scarf out
rare gourmandize, gluttonize


    make a pig's ear of

    ‘engineers seem to have made a pig's ear of the design’

    bungle, mess up, make a mess of, botch, spoil, mar, ruin, mishandle, mismanage
    informal make a hash of, muff, fluff, foul up, screw up, louse up, bitch up, blow, foozle
    British informal make a muck of, cock up, make a Horlicks of
    North American informal flub, goof up, bobble
    vulgar slang fuck up, bollix up
    British vulgar slang bugger up, balls up