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1‘a very pleasant evening’

enjoyable, pleasing, pleasurable, nice, agreeable, satisfying, gratifying, welcome, good, acceptable, to one's liking
entertaining, amusing, diverting
delightful, charming, inviting, attractive, beautiful
fine, balmy, salubrious
Scottish bonny, couthy
informal lovely, great
North American informal neat
South African informal lekker, mooi

2‘the staff are always pleasant’

friendly, agreeable, amiable, affable, nice, genial, likeable, amicable, lovely, good-humoured, personable, congenial, hospitable, approachable, good-natured, companionable
gracious, courteous, polite, cordial, obliging, helpful, considerate
cheerful, warm, charming, engaging, winning, delightful, sweet, as nice as pie, sympathetic
Northern English, Scottish canny
Scottish couthy
archaic fair-spoken

unpleasant, disagreeable, nasty