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1‘Edward seemed really pleased to see me’

happy, glad, delighted, gratified, grateful, thankful, content, contented, satisfied, well pleased, thrilled, elated, as pleased as Punch, overjoyed, cock-a-hoop, like a dog with two tails, like a child with a new toy
informal over the moon, tickled pink, gassed, on cloud nine, on cloud seven
British informal chuffed
Northern English informal made up
Australian informal wrapped
derogatory complacent, smug
humorous gruntled

unhappy, dissatisfied


    pleased with oneself

    ‘I was rather pleased with myself, and was really trying to keep that smug look off my face’

    self-satisfied, smug, complacent, self-congratulatory, superior, puffed up, self-approving, well pleased, proud of oneself
    informal goody-goody
    British informal like the cat that's got the cream, I'm-all-right-Jack
    North American informal wisenheimer
    North American vulgar slang shit-eating