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1‘he fulfilled his election pledge to end the war’

promise, undertaking, vow, word, word of honour, commitment, assurance, oath, covenant, bond, agreement, guarantee, warrant

2‘he had given the object as a pledge to a creditor’

surety, bond, security, collateral, guarantee, deposit, pawn
arcaico gage, earnest

3‘take this as a pledge of my sincerity’

token, symbol, sign, mark, testimony, proof, evidence, badge


1‘the president had publicly pledged that he would root out corruption’

promise, give one's word, vow, swear, give an assurance, give an undertaking, undertake, take an oath, swear an oath, engage, contract, commit oneself, bind oneself, declare, affirm, avow, state
marginal asseverate

2‘Japan pledged $100 million in aid’

undertake to give, promise, promise to give, donate, contribute, give, make a gift of, put oneself down for, put up
Britanico covenant

3‘even his home is pledged as security against the loans’

mortgage, put up as collateral, guarantee, pawn
arcaico gage, plight