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1‘the upper portion of the chimney’

part, piece, bit, section, chunk, segment, slice, fragment
wedge, lump, slab, hunk, parcel, tranche
Britanico coloquial wodge

2‘she wanted the right to decide how her portion of the allowance should be spent’

share, slice, quota, part, bit, percentage, amount, quantity, ration, piece, fraction, division, subdivision, allocation, allotment, measure, apportionment
coloquial cut, whack, rake-off
marginal quantum, moiety

3‘a generous portion of chips’

helping, serving, amount, quantity, piece
plateful, bowlful

4‘disease and hopeless poverty were certain to be his portion’

destiny, lot, fate, fortune, luck, kismet
what is written in the stars
arcaico dole, cup, heritage


1‘her mother portioned out the food’

share out, allocate, apportion, distribute, hand out, deal out, dole out, give out, dish out, parcel out, divide out, allot, dispense, measure out, mete out
coloquial divvy up