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1‘pollution levels pose a threat to people's health’

constitute, present, create, cause, produce, give rise to, lead to, result in

2‘the question posed in Chapter 1 remains unanswered’

put forward, raise, ask, put, set, submit, advance, propose, propound, posit, broach, suggest, postulate, moot

3‘he asked her to come to his studio and pose for him’

be a model, model, sit, take up a position, assume an attitude, strike a pose

4‘he posed her on the sofa’

position, place, put, arrange, lay out, set out, dispose, locate, situate
archaic posture

5‘a bunch of fashion victims stood posing at the bar’

behave affectedly, strike an attitude, strike a pose, posture, attitudinize, put on airs, put on an act
informal show off
North American informal cop an attitude


1‘a photograph of a glamorous brunette in a sexy pose’

posture, position, stance, attitude, bearing

2‘she found her pose of aggrieved innocence hard to keep up’

pretence, act, affectation, facade, show, front, display, masquerade, posture
play-acting, attitudinizing, dissimulation


    pose as

    ‘a gang posing as police officers hijacked the lorry’

    pretend to be, impersonate, pass oneself off as, be disguised as, masquerade as, profess to be, purport to be, set oneself up as, assume the identity of, feign the identity of, pass for, represent oneself as
    rare personate