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1‘the hat was the only one she possessed’

own, have, be the owner of, have in one's possession, be in possession of, be the possessor of, have to one's name, hold

2‘he did not possess a sense of humour’

have, be blessed with, be endowed with, be gifted with, be possessed of, be born with
enjoy, boast, benefit from
archaic participate of

3‘it was almost as though some supernatural force had possessed him’

take control of, have power over, take over, have mastery over, cast a spell over, bewitch, enchant, enthral, control, dominate, influence
madden, drive mad
rare bedevil

4‘she was possessed by a burning need to talk to him’

obsess, dominate, haunt, preoccupy, consume
eat someone up, prey on someone's mind, become an obsession with, be uppermost in someone's mind, take control of


    possess oneself of

    ‘he possessed himself of a loaded shotgun’

    acquire, obtain, get, get hold of, procure, secure, take, seize, gain possession of, take possession of, get one's hands on
    informal get one's mitts on