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1‘from below came the rattling of pots in the kitchen’

cooking utensil, container, receptacle, vessel
pan, saucepan, casserole, stewpot, stockpot, skillet, dixie, chafing dish, cauldron, crucible, crock, basin, bowl
South African potjie
Indian lota, surahi
archaic pipkin, cruse, pottle, Dutch oven, gallipot

2‘glazed earthenware pots filled with geraniums and petunias’

flowerpot, planter, jardinière

3‘Jim raked in half the pot’

bank, kitty, pool, purse, stakes, ante, jackpot

4‘a man with a florid face and a big pot’

paunch, pot belly, belly, beer belly, gut, fat stomach, protruding stomach
informal beer gut, tummy, spare tyre, middle-aged spread
North American informal bay window
informal, dated corporation


    go to pot

    ‘the foundry was allowed to go to pot in the seventies’

    deteriorate, decline, degenerate, go to ruin, go to rack and ruin, go downhill, go to seed, decay, fall into disrepair, become dilapidated, run down, rot, slide
    informal go to the dogs, go down the tubes, hit the skids
    Australian, New Zealand informal go to the pack