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1‘blood was pouring from his nose’

stream, flow, run, gush, cascade, course, spout, jet, spurt, flood, surge, spill, rush, well, spew, discharge
British informal sloosh
rare disembogue

2‘Amy poured more wine into his glass’

tip, let flow, dribble, drizzle, splash, spill, decant, discharge
informal slosh, glug, slop
archaic circumfuse

3‘the sky was black and it was pouring with rain’

rain hard, rain heavily, teem down, pelt down, tip down, beat down, lash down, sheet down, come down in sheets, come down in torrents, rain cats and dogs
informal be chucking it down
British informal bucket down, come down in bucketloads, come down in buckets, come down by the bucketful, come down in stair rods, tipple down
North American informal rain pitchforks
British vulgar slang piss down

4‘people poured off the train’

throng, crowd, swarm, stream, flood, gush, teem


    pour out

    ‘the words were just pouring out and I didn't know how to control them’

    gush out, spew out, spurt out, spout out
    flow, issue, emerge, come out, come forth, come
    pour something out

    1‘the remaining liquid is poured out’

    drain, decant, pour off, draw off, siphon off, tap, tip, discharge, transfer
    disgorge, discharge, eject, emit, expel, evacuate, empty, spit out, spew out, belch forth, spout
    vomit, regurgitate, throw up
    archaic regorge

    2‘Tchaikovsky poured out his innermost feelings in hundreds of letters’

    express, voice, vent, give vent to, give expression to, vocalize, give voice to, put in words, give utterance to, communicate, declare, state, set forth, bring into the open, make public, assert, divulge, reveal, proclaim, announce, raise, air, ventilate, mention, talk of, point out, go into
    utter, say, speak, articulate, enunciate, pronounce, mouth
    British table
    informal come out with