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1‘my mother suffered a stroke and lost the power of speech’

ability, capacity, capability, potential, potentiality, faculty, property, competence, competency

inability, incapacity

2‘the unions wield enormous power in party affairs’

control, authority, influence, dominance, mastery, domination, rule, command, ascendancy, supremacy, dominion, sovereignty, jurisdiction, sway, weight, leverage, hold, grasp, say
informal clout, pull, beef, teeth
North American informal drag
literary puissance

3‘police do not have the power to stop and search’

authority, right, authorization, warrant, licence, prerogative, faculty
informal say-so

4‘in the eighteenth century Russia became a major European power’

state, country, nation, world power, superpower

5‘he hit the ball with as much power as he could’

strength, powerfulness, might, force, forcefulness, mightiness, weight, vigour, energy, intensity, potency
brawn, brawniness, muscle
informal punch
British informal welly
literary thew

6‘the power of his arguments’

forcefulness, powerfulness, potency, strength, force, eloquence, effectiveness, cogency, persuasiveness, impressiveness, authoritativeness
informal punch

weakness, impotence

7‘the new engine has more power’

driving force, horsepower, hp, acceleration
informal poke, oomph
North American informal grunt

8‘generating power from waste’

energy, electrical power, nuclear power, solar power, steam power, water power
informal juice

9‘the holiday in Tenerife did him a power of good’

a great deal of, a lot of, much
informal lots of, loads of, heaps of, masses of, tons of
dated a deal of


    the powers that be

    ‘the powers that be did nothing to diffuse the situation’

    the authorities, the people in charge, the establishment, the government, the administration, the men in suits, the men in grey suits
    have someone in one's power

    have control over, have influence over, have under one's thumb, have at one's mercy, have in one's clutches, have in the palm of one's hand, have eating out of one's hand, have on a string, have one's claws into
    North American have in one's hip pocket
    informal have over a barrel