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1‘a robin sat on a low branch, preening its feathers’

clean, tidy, groom, smooth, arrange
archaic plume, prink

2‘his wife preened before the mirror’

admire oneself, primp oneself, primp, prink oneself
pretty oneself, prettify oneself, smarten oneself, beautify oneself, make oneself beautiful, make oneself pretty, make oneself smart, groom oneself, tidy oneself, spruce oneself up
informal titivate oneself, doll oneself up
British informal tart oneself up
North American informal gussy oneself up
archaic plume oneself, trig oneself


    preen oneself

    ‘he's busy preening himself on acquiring such a pretty girlfriend’

    congratulate oneself, be pleased with oneself, pride oneself, be proud of oneself, pat oneself on the back, give oneself a pat on the back, feel self-satisfied
    archaic pique oneself