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1‘when I told Chris I was pregnant, I expected him to panic’

expecting a baby, having a baby, with a baby on the way, having a child, expectant, carrying a child
informal expecting, in the family way, expecting a happy event, preggers, preggy, with a bun in the oven, with one in the oven
British informal in the club, up the duff, in the pudding club, up the spout, up the stick
North American informal knocked up, having swallowed a watermelon seed
Australian informal preggo, clucky, with a joey in the pouch
Irish informal up the pole
informal, dated in trouble, in pod
archaic with child, big with child, heavy with child, in a delicate condition, in an interesting condition, childing, on the way
technical gravid, parturient
rare impregnate
North American rare infanticipating, storked
expect, carry, bear

2‘a sacred rite, pregnant with religious significance’

filled, charged, heavy, fraught, replete, teeming
full of, abounding in, rich in

3‘there was a pregnant pause’

meaningful, significant, eloquent
suggestive, expressive, loaded, meaning, charged, pointed, telling, revealing, weighty