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1‘the preparation of contingency plans’

devising, putting together, thinking up, drawing up, construction, composing, composition, editing, fashioning, concocting, production, getting ready, making ready, arrangement, development, assembling, assembly

2preparations‘preparations for the conference will begin almost immediately’

arrangements, planning, plans, provision, preparatory measures, preliminaries, necessary steps, groundwork, spadework, foundation, gearing up

3‘too much of the curriculum was taken up with preparation for exams’

instruction, teaching, education, coaching, training, tutoring, pedagogy, andragogy, inculcation, grooming, disciplining, drilling, priming, briefing, guiding, direction

4‘a preparation such as benzyl benzoate is needed to kill off the mites’

mixture, compound, concoction, composition, blend, amalgam, solution, suspension, emulsion, tincture, medicine, potion, cream, ointment, lotion