Synonyms of presage in English:


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1‘the owl's hooting was thought to presage death’

portend, augur, foreshadow, foretell, prophesy, be an omen of, herald, be a sign of, be the harbinger of, be a warning of, give a warning of, warn of, be an indication of, indicate, be a presage of, signal, bode, announce, promise, threaten
point to, mean, signify, spell, denote, add up to, amount to
literary betoken, foretoken, forebode, harbinger


1‘these symptoms were a sombre presage of his final illness’

omen, sign, indication, portent, warning, forewarning, harbinger, foreshadowing, augury, signal, promise, threat, ill omen, forecast, prediction, prognostication, prophecy, straw in the wind, writing on the wall, hint
literary foretoken
archaic auspice