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1‘a confined gas exerts a constant pressure on the wall of its container’

force, physical force, load, stress, thrust
compression, compressing, squeezing, crushing, weight, heaviness

2‘we shall not put pressure on you to borrow money’

coercion, force, compulsion, constraint, duress, oppression, enforcement, insistence, demand, entreaty, goading, pestering, provocation, harassment, nagging, harrying, badgering, intimidation, arm-twisting, pressurization, persuasion, influence
North American informal badassery

3‘she had a lot of pressure from work’

strain, stress, tension, heat, burden, load, weight, drain, trouble, care, adversity, difficulty
informal hassle


1‘it might be possible to pressure him into resigning’

coerce, pressurize, press, push, persuade, influence, force, squeeze, bulldoze, hound, harass, nag, harry, badger, goad, prod, pester, browbeat, brainwash, bully, bludgeon, intimidate, dragoon, twist someone's arm, strong-arm
bring pressure to bear on, use pressure on, put pressure on, lean on
North American blackjack
informal railroad, put the screws on, put the squeeze on
North American informal hustle, fast-talk