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1‘a fabulous house full of priceless works of art’

of incalculable value, of incalculable worth, of inestimable value, of inestimable worth, of immeasurable value, of immeasurable worth, invaluable, beyond price, without price, worth its weight in gold, worth a king's ransom
rare, irreplaceable, incomparable, unparalleled, expensive, costly, high-priced, at a premium, rich, dear, choice, fine, exquisite, treasured, prized, precious, cherished

worthless, cheap

2‘Jim thought this was priceless and laughed loudly’

hilarious, extremely amusing, very funny, comic, comical, riotous, uproarious, hysterically funny, screamingly funny, too funny for words, side-splitting, rib-tickling, absurd, ridiculous
informal a scream, a hoot
dated killing, killingly funny