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1‘the plant is currently scheduled to produce 1,100 cars a day’

manufacture, make, construct, build, fabricate, put together, assemble, turn out, bring out, process, create
informal churn out

2‘the vineyards in the Val d'Or produce excellent wines’

yield, grow, give, supply, provide, furnish, bear, bring forth

3‘she produced a litter of ten puppies’

give birth to, bear, breed, bring into the world, give life to, spawn

4‘the garden where the artist produced many of his flower paintings’

create, compose, originate, develop, fashion, turn out

5‘she dug into her bag and produced her card’

present, offer, proffer, show, display, exhibit
pull out, bring out, draw out, fish out, extract
provide, furnish, advance, put forward, bring forward, come up with, set forth, bring to light

6‘direct communication between the two countries will produce greater understanding’

give rise to, bring about, cause, occasion, generate, engender, lead to, result in, effect, induce, initiate, start, set off
contribute to, make for, be conducive to, foster, promote
provoke, precipitate, breed, spark off, trigger
literary beget

7‘a group of young women committed to producing quality drama’

stage, put on, mount, present, put before the public, show, perform


1‘organically grown produce’

food, foodstuff, foodstuffs
crops, fruit, vegetables, greens
goods, products, commodities, staples, wares
British greengrocery
North American rare truck