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1‘voters humiliated the government as a protest against high public spending’

objection, exception, complaint, disapproval, disagreement, opposition, challenge, dissent, demurral, remonstration, expostulation, fuss, outcry
railing, inveighing, fulmination, protestation

support, approval

2‘women staged a protest outside the gates’

demonstration, demo, march, protest march, rally, occupation, sit-in, die-in, sleep-in, human chain, dirty protest, write-in, peace camp
stoppage, strike, walkout, mutiny, picket, boycott
Britanico industrial action, work-to-rule
Indio morcha, gherao, hartal


1‘people began to protest at the development of nuclear power’

express opposition, raise objections, object, make a protest, dissent, take issue, make a stand, take a stand, put up a fight, kick, take exception, complain, express disapproval, disagree, express disagreement, demur, remonstrate, expostulate, make a fuss
cry out, speak out, rail, inveigh, fulminate
oppose, challenge, denounce
coloquial kick up a fuss, kick up a stink


2‘two dozen people protested outside the cathedral’

demonstrate, march, hold a rally, sit in, form a human chain, occupy somewhere, stage a dirty protest, refuse to cooperate, take a knee, take the knee
stop work, down tools, strike, go on strike, walk out, mutiny, picket somewhere
Britanico work to rule, take industrial action
boycott something

3‘Richardson has always protested his innocence’

insist on, claim, maintain, declare, announce, profess, proclaim, assert, affirm, argue, vow, avow, aver, pledge, swear, swear to, testify to
marginal asseverate